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Business and operational consulting for content-centric businesses worldwide.


Information Media Partners works with publishing clients to create innovative solutions to complex business issues that create value, achieve break-through performance and help differentiate our clients from their competition.

We deliver business strategy solutions for publishing, media and information companies, libraries and other media-related companies looking to leverage their unique market positions. The companies we serve generally have specific business issues which require critical and impartial expertise and, in many cases, these issues form the basis for a strategic revision of their business strategy.

Strategic Planning

Information Media Partners will help you define a workable strategic planning process as well as business opportunities for action. Our approach is progressive, starting with a clear understanding of your current environment including your products, competitive positioning, organization and financial situation. We also work together with you to define, as closely as possible, the end state representation — where you would like your business to be. Lastly, we build a strategy program designed to bridge the gap between your current position and your ideal environment.

There are clients who cannot imagine what they can achieve and we are often asked to develop a strategic vision for a product line or business unit with a less than obvious growth path. Solutions in these cases could include new capital investment, divestiture,  acquisition (roll-ups) or even more radical recommendations.

Content Management

Information and publishing/media companies have long understood the value of ‘content’ since it defines the publishing and information industry. With divergent user expectations and multiple access points for content usage/engagement, media companies have to develop content management and creation strategies that allow them complete control and unlimited flexibility.

Information Media Partners can help publishers document existing content management strategies and recommend changes that will support their goals. Often, this process requires strategic thinking about how the publisher wants to engage their target market in the use of their content.

Business Process Outsourcing

Many publishing companies are faced with the dilemma of rising factor costs as well as a limited capability to increase prices or extract further supply-chain efficiencies to compensate. Outsourcing is an effective tool to radically revise the publisher’s value chain and often results in lower operating expenses and significant opportunities for new business development spending which, in turn, lead to more business opportunities. Specifically, publishers may opt to do some or all of the following:

  • Revise and transform the way the business works
  • Increase profitability while also providing more dollars for investment
  • Create sustainable financial improvement rather than one-off gains
  • Attain greater operating flexibility, enabling the business to scale either up or down depending on circumstances while maintaining optimal profit margins

Information Media Partners has had direct experience working with companies that have faced similar challenges and, via a well designed and progressive program of reengineering and outsourcing, have been able to reduce cycle times, significantly increase process volumes and reduce unit factor costs to as little as 10% of the original level.